Anime Fire Princess
I really like bunnies. IDK y I'm telling a bunch of random people on my website this, but OK. So I made this random bunny thing on saturday 'cuz I was bored, and it turned out awesome. I'm finding myself really bored after school, so give me any suggestions and I'll make something. I bought a new stuffed animal pattern book and it has some really fun stuff in it, so I'll post some of the patterns on here for peoples to print!

Ok you know the bunny I was talking about? Well I presented it for a class project. I made a video, which went totally fine.... Except at the end. I wanted to add some music, so Ummmmmm I put in Alice underground by avril lavigne....or at least I thought that I did. But no, nothing ever goes right in my world, and out came Po pi Po, blasting through the speakers. How embarrassing! Everyone has been making fun of me the whole day. :,(


Please take the time to visit my website I took a lot of time making it!


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