Anime Fire Princess
Click on this link. The game isn't quite anime, but it's cute and has a lot of fashion and hair ideas. this is a N.T.P (NEED TO PLAY)
A great game! Not the best clothing or characters, but it's fun to look for the tiny symbols in order to find the awesome looking bat girl! (Hint: look for the out of place black shoe and the too-small dress)
This is SUCH THE BEST GAME IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!!!! N.T.P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This game allows you to make the character to fit your personal anime drawing style!!! I totally loved it!!! Five stars out of three!!!
I had lots of fun with this game! I made what Meroko probably would have looked like as a kid. The only thing I didn't like about this game was that I couldn't find the "Secret Button". Hope you have as much fun as I did!:)
A pretty good one. Personally, I liked the way that you could change around all of the facial parts and such.
Not the best game online, but its cute and sketchy, so, what. Give it a try and you might like it!
OMG it's a Pichi Pichi Pitch Dressup game! I LOVE THIS GAME!!! But. look at emeraldera267's comment. You might see why my anger rages...
This super cute bunny has major style! This game leads to an addiction to this site!