Anime Fire Princess

The Manga List

Love*Com 10-10

Risa and Atsushi are considered the ideal boyfriend and girlfriend of their grade, even if they wouoldn't ever think about being together. Risa is the tallest girl in her class, and Atsushi is the shortest. They go out with a group of friends one day and try a machine that calculates therir love capability, and they get a perfect 100%! Could this unlikely result come true? 

Tokyo Mew Mew 6-10

These books are about 5 teenage girls who morph into animal superheroes. They need to help save the world from the frightening chirema animas, aliens that take the form of an animal, turn it into a monster, and try to harm the enviornment. Ichigo, Mint, Zakauru, Lettuce and Pudding are waitresses at a cute cafe called Cafe Mew Mew in the daytime. This book is soo good!

Pichi Pichi Pitch 8-10

The Pichi Pichi Pitch books are about 3 mermaid princesses who are best friends. They have to use their ability to turn into superheroes to fight off harmful suiyo, who are nasty villains ruled bu the cruel Gackto, who is capturing mermaids. In order to restore peace in the ocean, Hanon, Rina and Luchia must gather all of the mermaid princesses. Than, they will be able to summon Aqua Regina, the powerfull godess of the sea. This book is fun to read and shows both the problems of a desperate mermaid princess and the life of a boy obsessed teenage girl.

Full Moon O Sagashite 10-10

Mitsuki is about to give up. She has been told that she will die soon of a harmful throat tumor, but she is not afraid. Everything is turning out terribly until two shinigami(Takuto and Meroko), or death bringers choose to visit her house. Nobody can see them exept Mitsuki. Instead of staying at home she runs away and sacrafices her life to go to a singing audition. She wins when the contest was already decided(and the decided winner was not her) and gets to keep her life for one more year. She becomes a famous singer and runs away from home, but it turns out that her new career has its ups and downs, as well.

The Dreaming 10-10

Two twin sisters, Amber and Jeanie, go to an elaborate boarding school. They both start to have freaky dreams. Strange rumors about the school's dark history are uncovered and spread throughout the gloomy hallways. Than their freind Millie dissapears myateriously one night and never comes back. From there on, the school is nothing but dismay and gloom. I wish I could tell you where Millie was found, but you have to read that yourself! Oooo I got the 2nd and 3rd books and there are posessed people, madwomen with knives and dead girls returning from the bushlands! Yay!

Chibi Vampire 9-10

Karen is a vampire who has a problem... She spurts blood instead if sucking it. A new boy, Kenta Usui, triggers Karen's rare condition. Karen needs to find out why she reacts to Kenta before her condition gets out of hand and she must tell him the truth. 

Happy Happy Clover 8-10

Clover, Mallow, Kale and Shallot are four adorable bunnies who live in crescent forest. CLover's neighbor, Hickory the flying squirrel, is always there to help CLover when she's in trouble. The village tricksters, Cinnamon Fox and Twirl the squirrel, try to hord all of the delicious mJNMIushrooms for themselves by turning into a monster. Clover has to babysit Kale's sextuplet baby brothers and things get out of hand. In book 2, Mallow and Hickory are both hiding a secret, Blackberry the bear gets woken up from hibernation, and Clover casts two magic spells that backfire! Even worse- she has to do chores! Dust, Clover, dust!

Hayate Cross Blade 4-10

The all-girls boarding school Thechni Acadedmy isn't just known for it's quality academics- it's also known for training the top sword fighters in the country. Students in the special "Sword Bearer" peogram compete in a school-wide battle known as the Star Stealing, striving to win both money and fame. My opinion: This book bored me. 

Hollow Fields 7-10

Lucy Snow was meant to be enjoying her first day at the local elementary scool. However, a twist of fate sees to it that she is enrolled in a school for young mad scientists and evil geniusses. Every friday, the student with the lowest grade gets sent to the windmill, where they stay for all eternity, being experimented on by the crazed teachers. Can little Lucy put a stop to this abuse with the help of Docter Bleak, a once human talking box?

Jade of Bango 4-10

Lin Senou is a ditzy teen who finds out that she can talk to ghosts. After an attack from a monster, Lin finds out that she is the saint of the Jade of Bango. Two cute guys show up to protect Lin from danger and become her futre husbands. My opinion: This book is a bit innapropriate and kind of weird.

Kitchen Princess 10-10

Najika Kazami comes to Seika Academy with the director's recomendation in search of the flan prince, a boy who saved her from drowning when she was young. Najika meets two brothers, Sora and Daichi. Either one of  them could be her flan prince. Najika is having trouble making friends, but she is amazing at cooking and always wishes for the person tasting her food to be happy. Her food is magical. My opinion: I LOVE IT! Especially the recipies at the end of the books!