Anime Fire Princess

Strawberry Earrings

Strawberry earrings (modeled by my BFFL who would rather not be named).
Description: Cute strawberry shaped earrings.
Color: Any color that you want <3

Pie with a face

Pie...with a face!
Description: Um...well, it's a felt pie with a face. I can also do it with a lattuce crust (#)
"Flavors":Cherry(red), strawberry(pink), apple(lime green), blueberry(blue), pumpkin(orange).

Patterned purse

Description: A cute little hand sewn purse with a flower pattern.
Colors: Either one shown in picture, denim, orange with white butterflies,or blue with brown floral pattern.

Creepy dead doll

Description: A little dead gothic felt doll. Stiched up.
Colors and other changes: The hair can be any color you desire. Either dead goth doll, earthy fairy doll, or sweet princess doll.

Cat hat

Description: A cute fleece hat made to look like a kitty. (I can probably make other animals. If you would like to see another, just place a request on my blog)
Colors: Available in orange, green, or red.

Huge bow headband

Description: A big felt bow sewn on to a headband.
Colors: Any color or pattern that you would like.

Paw fingerless gloves

Description: Cute kitty themed gloves with finger holes for you thumbs to fit through.
Colors: For now, only orange, green, and red.