Anime Fire Princess
I really like bunnies. IDK y I'm telling a bunch of random people on my website this, but OK. So I made this random bunny thing on saturday 'cuz I was bored, and it turned out awesome. I'm finding myself really bored after school, so give me any suggestions and I'll make something. I bought a new stuffed animal pattern book and it has some really fun stuff in it, so I'll post some of the patterns on here for peoples to print!
What do you think of my little self-made products? If you have any comments or suggestions, please post them here.
Heeeeey anime fans! ^-^ If you have any comments on my site, post them here!
Ahhhhhh um ummmm um I forgot what I was going 2 say..... But im sure it was something important.... eek this is embarrasing.....
well people, they will come soon..... WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT?.....well, they are only DRESSUP GAMES BY ME.... DUH!!!!!!!!!